Tuesday, March 24, 2015

My 81-year-old father, artist Philip Barlow, is my teacher, inspiration and mentor.  He still paints every day, and in April will be featured in a two-person exhibition at Phillips Gallery in Salt Lake City, Utah.   I LOVE this recent painting of his -- titled "Sharing the Real Thing."  It spotlights a great American icon and infuses it with playful romance.  In this 100-year anniversary of Coke, it is so inspiring to see an 81-year-old artist, who continually strives to keep his own work fresh and vibrant, celebrate an iconic part of Americana with a nod to the past and a dose of whimsy and wit.  Here's to getting better with AGE!

"Sharing the Real Thing"
Oil on Canvas
16 x 20"
by Philip Barlow
(courtesy of Phillips Gallery, SLC, UT)

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