Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My amazing artist father, Philip Barlow, was a winner in The Artist Magazine's Annual Over 60 Competition (March 2015 issue) -- with his painting "Pooh's Favorite Tales."  In the interview, he shares some wisdom for other artists -- but it is applicable for anyone trying to live a vibrant, engaged, rich life:

"Always paint what excites YOU.   Don't be content with a certain style.  Be sure you keep striving to evolve and change.  It is important to have respect for your talent and hard work -- treat your painting as a business and always strive to be professional in your dealings with galleries and collectors.

Art has been my life.  I have never been far from the magic of creation. I paint almost every day and am working on paintings for a show at one of my galleries in April.  I am always searching for a new direction in creativity and that's what keeps all of us wanting to move on."

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