Thursday, April 17, 2014

Last year, I was commissioned by a wonderful family to create a painting in memory of their late father.  He was an extraordinary man -- beloved husband, father, athlete, architect, church leader, friend to many.  The family sent me a box of his belongings -- each one symbolic of an aspect of his life and spirit.

I spent several days searching for a composition that would make a beautiful and pleasing painting -- but would also tell his story in a meaningful way.  After many hours of experimenting, everything fell into place in one moment and the composition sang to me.

On Sunday evening, I presented the painting to the family and a gathering of their friends.  When I unveiled the painting there was at first silence, then a few tears and finally smiles and even laughter.  It was a profound experience to see how one painting can move a room of people and touch them deeply.  And it was a privilege to be able to create this gift in memory of an exceptional human being.