Sunday, August 31, 2014

Last night we had dinner with friends at the beloved and legendary Zuni Cafe.  Amazing, creative comfort food, stylish cocktails, great conversation -- and the added pleasure of seeing one of my paintings, "Ignition" on display at the top of the stairs.  The curator selected "Ignition" because it is sexy and it is placed in a cozy nook perfect for two lovers.  Here's to cozy food, sensual wine and ROMANCE at Zuni Cafe!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

I've just completed this painting "Portrait of a Marriage."  It continues my "marriage" series, which celebrates the privilege and joy and humor and wonder that are part of being married.  Marriage is for me a joy and a privilege and I love illustrating some of the aspects of this state of being.  This painting was inspired by two incredible women -- they are every bit as vibrant, colorful and filled with joie de vivre -- as the painting.  The "brides" are from their own wedding cake -- and the rest was my invention.  It was SUCH a great pleasure creating this painting (and my husband LOVED eating the cake afterwards!).