Monday, April 11, 2016

I've just delivered my newest painting, "The Truth About Beauty," to Gallerie Citi.  It is a meditation on the nature of beauty.  What IS it about certain things -- an abstract work of art, a sea shell, a flower, an ancient Egyptian sculpture-- that we acknowledge are beautiful, yet they are all from such different realms.  What makes something beautiful - across eons and vastly different cultures?  I'm mystified and intrigued by the question.  I believe that at the heart of the answer -- and it is nearly impossible to express in words -- is the fact that perceiving beauty and being moved by it is the essence of being human.   Does beauty remind us of the transience of life?  Does beauty require that we pause and be present in that moment?  I don't know the answer, yet, but I love thinking about it and looking for ways to explore the question on canvas in paint.

"The Truth About Beauty"
Oil on Linen
24 x 24"

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